Our home of flat whites

Hi.  I’m an oldie at the Icebreaker office – been around a while. I kind of blend in and people don’t really notice me. But they do rely on me, and they really REALLY couldn’t do without me.

My family has a bit of a history with Icebreaker, from way back in the time when Jeremy first started Icebreaker.  He personally lent my Grandma to the team.  Grandma was a trendy old model (a Wega Single to be exact), right up there with the best.

Then Jeremy decided he needed Grandma back in the house with his family – to wake him up the morning. So he jumped on Trade Me and brought my Dad.  A fantastic ’70s retro model – he’s a La Pavoni P70.  Dad lasted a few years before all the shakes and excitement at Icebreaker wore him out.  And that’s when I took over the family business and took control of the kitchen.

Every day, the Icebreaker team come to me for a good morning brew, and the goss. They rely on me. They need me. They use me. And they have done so for years.  I am an important part of the Icebreaker family, based on Level 2 at our Head Office in Wellington.  Believe me, without me, there wouldn’t be Icebreaker.  I’ve now recruited my little sister to our new Level 4 kitchen, she loves it up there and the feeling’s mutual.

Love Ewen, The Coffee Machine (on Level 2)

Wega Baby 2 - Level 4 Coffee Machine_Icebreaker