Sock it to me!

We caught up with Dave Petri, Director of Sustainability at Nester Hosiery to talk about Icebreaker Socks Manufacturing.

Legendary actor, Andy Griffith, grew up here in Mt. Airy, North Carolina, a rural town in the southeastern United States. Mt. Airy was the inspiration for Griffith’s town of Mayberry in his iconic 1960s TV hit, “The Andy Griffith Show.” It’s here that Icebreaker’s merino socks are being developed and manufactured by Nester Hosiery, a family-owned company with more than 200 employees. And like a family of sorts, Icebreaker has a great collaborative relationship with Nester. Our design and development teams meet face-to-face several times each season, with our most recent trip to N.C. being a delightful insider’s view on sock-manufacturing technology. Dave Petri, sustainability director and tweeter for Nester, answers a few questions about the socks his company makes for Icebreaker:

In 140 characters or less, what should Icebreaker loyalists know about their socks?

U.S. manufactured, technically advanced construction, made with Natural merino wool. #Gr8Sox

What’s it like being in North Carolina and working with a Kiwi company? 

It’s been a personal joy getting to know that culture. I’ve been to Wellington twice now and thoroughly enjoyed experiencing both islands. As  a manufacturing company in rural North Carolina, most of our employees have minimal interaction with the Kiwi culture. But they’re working hard to make high-quality socks for Icebreaker and they know that we have a global presence with Icebreaker. We understand how significant that is.

What’s unique about your manufacturing process?

It’s all self-contained in our building. Everything is done here—the knitting, washing, boarding, and packaging and inventory management.

You say Nester makes socks for the world’s toughest critics. How do you exceed their expectations?

We do a lot of innovating and developing to see what works best to make good socks. We are constantly investing in the latest and greatest knitting technology. We work with all different yarn types to develop socks that not only keep your foot warm, but also resist holes. We develop beautiful products for our customers.