Sock Competition Winners

WOW – thanks to everyone for all the amazing entries – we didn’t realise how many socks fans we had out there. It was incredibly hard to pick the winners but Scott and Sofia are now the proud owners of a new Icebreaker socks collection.

Scott’s winning entry proved how much he has already put our socks “to the test” and was in dire need of some replacements:

Five months, four countries, two Kiwis, four feet, 8000km by motorbike in India, 27,000 vertical meters trekked in Nepal, jungles, mud, leeches, tropics, the heat of the Thar Desert, sub-zero cold, dressing for dinner at the Long Bar at Raffles in Singpore, the long, tiring flight home to Aotearoa, Customs inspections. This could read ‘how to get the most out of your socks’, or ‘One of the toughest tests a sock could be made to endure’. No matter what we put them through, our Icebreaker socks held up through this five-month adventure. Sadly, we are now having to retire part of our Icebreaker collection as our socks aren’t quite as snug as they used to be, and the hole nibbled in one by that pesky rodent in Madyha Pradesh, India, has finally defeated my attempt at darning. And they still smell a bit, umm, funky thanks to being washed in water of questionable quality to try and get rid of the Iindian road dust, grime and oil dribbling out of our Roual Enfield bullet motorbike. Pleasepleaseplease, kind Icebreaker people, grant us some new socks so we can be seen in public without people sniffing in alarm and pointing at our feet, searing our cats’ sensitive little noses and making our shoes scrabble away from us into the dark, dank recesses of our wardrobe. Our feet will love you forever.

Sock it to Me_Icebreaker

Sofia’s winning entry touched our hearts with her salute to her grandmother, Brigit:

Honestly, I do not think that it is me. I think that the one who needs the socks collection the most is my grandmother Birgit. Well, ok, maybe except the multisport ones.

I want to salute Birgit, 78 years young. I want to say yay Birgit, you strong, independent woman with both feet firmly on the ground. This one is for your feets, living and loving in the northest of Sweden. For all your future cloudberry field days, your wintertime skiing on the hills. For your trips in the small fishing boat and all your 8 km’s biking to the closest store for milk. I know Birgit is not climbing K2 or doing a long distance paddling tour across five continents – but that’s not what it is all about. For the time being, I just want Birgit to feel the world she knows in great socks. I want to thank her feets for the way they have inspired me and her other grandchildren to movement, action and reaction.

And for those that missed out please keep checking back for more opportunities to win Icebreaker gear through our competitions.