How to recycle your Icebreaker

S08PR 073-1 RecycleWe recently asked you for ideas on how to recycle your Icebreaker once it’s worn out. A few of you were convinced that yours would never wear out – Which old Icebreaker – it just won’t die!” – but we still managed to get some great input. We’ve added everyone’s suggestions to our own to share with you here, so if your Icebreaker does come to the end of its natural life, you’ll have plenty of ideas for what to do.

ReuseDon’t be afraid to cut up and reuse your Icebreaker. Icebreaker merino is great for dust cloths, patches, pet bedding, baby blankets, cushion covers, headbands or bandanas. Or if you’re into craft, try turning it into dolls, dolls clothing or stuffed brooches. Other suggestions include:

  • Cut the arms off to make a warm vest for the dog.”
  • “I use my old IB shirts as pillowcases.”
  • “Long sleeves can be made into leg warmers with a little sewing magic.”
  • “Worn out garments are lovely to felt with baby booties and mittens.”
  • “Cut them up to make hottie covers.”
  • “I’ve seen a kids’ one with holes in the elbows get modified into SUPER CUTE beanies for little ones. A little nip and tucking − using the body, cut off the arms and top part of the top, sew across top and knot the 2 corners.”
  • “I figure the best alternative when it does die that it could be used as thermal insulation (for my house)!

Plant it 08Give awayGive your Icebreaker away to charity or hand it on to friends/family. At Icebreaker, we donate merino off cuts to the Neo Natal Unit at Wellington Hospital and give samples to Spinning Top’s Little Lotus Project. Some other thoughts are:

  • “[Give to] poor inner city children or missionaries working overseas, etc.”
  • “Make some of the older and used shirts into quilts and donate them to organisations such as Goodwill or the American Red Cross.”
  • “Mine haven’t worn out, they get inherited.”
  • “Shredded pieces could be used for stuffing in comforters for disadvantaged families which is a great upcycle for garments that are irrevocably damaged.”

SellSell your Icebreaker through a second hand clothing store or on Trade Me/eBay.

  • What’s wrong with what happens now? They get sold on trade me!”

SwapHost a clothes swap party with your friends and swap your old Icebreaker for something else.

BuryIf your Icebreaker is completely worn out, and you really can’t find a use for it, simply bury it in the garden or throw it on the compost – it’ll biodegrade!

  • “If it does bite the dust….cut it up and throw it in the compost.”

SS07 MW plant it-1 [Converted]

Alternatively, if you’ve really loved your Icebreaker and can’t bear to part with the memories, you could do what some people have done: frame it and hang it on your wall.

Thanks to everyone who shared their tips, and happy recycling!