When the Going Gets Tough: öTILLö

On September, over 200 athletes pushed their limits in cold water temperatures of 13°C and grueling trail ways of slippery rock, all while trying to make it to the finish line before dark. It’s no wonder CNN ranked öTILLö as one of the toughest endurance challenges in the world!

The öTILLö (“from island to island”) is a one-day race that takes place on the first Monday of September each year in the Swedish archipelago near Stockholm. Teams of two swim and run between 26 islands, from Sandhamn to Utöand. The total distance is 75 kilometres – 10 km of swimming and 65 km of running.

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Teams are restricted on the size of flotation devices they can use and any gear that leaves the starting gate must also be carried across the finish line. Because of this, many participants have learned to wear Icebreaker gear underneath their wetsuits due to merino wool’s ideal performance qualities – lightweight, warmer when wet, anti-chafing, and fast drying. Icebreaker is proud to be in its 6th year of partnership with öTILLö. 

This year’s event saw a close fight between defending champions, Björn Englund and Paul Krochak, and the contenders Lelle Moberg and Daniel Hansson.“It hurts all over but it doesn’t matter! The competition is so tough and the top teams train all year to perform at this race,” says Moberg. The strongest lady in the field, Ulrika Eriksson, finished in a time of 9:52:11 in mixed team 2XU with Jonas Udehn. Click here to see the full results list.

Congratulations to all participants for another year of great performances all the way to the finish line. We also want to thank the race committee, Michael Lemmel and Mats Skott, for their outstanding organization. And last but not least, a huge thank you to all of the amazing volunteers who helped to make this race possible.

Check out the race photos above (courtesy of Jakob Edholm and Nadja Odenhage) and this video: